Twitter Tests Tweet Edit Feature


Tweets on Twitter are currently uneditable. This time, Twitter for the first time will provide a tweet editing feature, which can be used to modify tweets that have been distributed to the internet. This new feature is currently being tested on a handful of users worldwide.

“If you see an edited Tweet it’s because we’re testing the edit button,
this is happening and you’ll be okay.” Reveals Twitter in its official account (1/9).

The Twitter blog, Thursday (1/9) stated that the “edit button” feature presented by its development team allows users to make changes to the tweet after it has been published.

In the test, Twitter tried to make edits after a tweet was published 30 minutes earlier.

Tweets can later be edited to correct typos, add tags, and much more.

This tweet edit feature will allow you to modify or edit tweets that have been uploaded to Twitter 30 minutes earlier. After 30 minutes, the tweet can no longer be edited.

In addition, edited tweets will be labeled with a special description. If you click on the label, other Twitter users can see an earlier version of the tweet. In other words, the original unedited tweet is still visible to other users.

“The edited tweet will later appear with an icon, label, and also the edit time so other users can know that the original tweet has been changed. When another user selects a label in the edited tweet, later other users can see the original tweet before editing. As time limit content and tweet traces play an important role in this feature,” Twitter said explaining the “Edit Button” working system.

Trials are currently being carried out in small groups to see the extent of its functionality and use.

At the end of the month, the trial will extend to paid users or Twitter Blue users who pay for premium services.

The trial was also limited to one country although it was not stated which country in question was.

“We hope that with Edit Tweet available, Tweeting will feel more approachable and less stressful. You should be able to participate in conversations in a way you’re comfortable with,” Twitter said.

The edit tweet button itself has been a debate on Twitter for a long time. Many people have urged that the feature be provided to make it easier for users to correct typos or mistakes when tweeting. But others think that this feature can be misused to spread hoaxes and disinformation.