ByteDance Starts Selling AI Technology on TikTok to Other Companies

ByteDance Starts Selling AI Technology

ByteDance, the TikTok apps’ parent company, has started selling technology used in TikTok apps to other companies. According to a report from the Financial Times, the sale will use a subscription system.

Based on the website of BytePlus (a new division of TikTok that supports sales of AI technology) contains a client list that already includes several applications from many countries. Such as Goat, an application for fashion from the United States (US), the traveling site, WeGo from Singapore, the Chilibeli, a shopping application from Indonesia, and the GamesApp platform from India.

One of the features that make TikTok so popular is a video recommendation algorithm for its users. The algorithm works based on how the user interacts with the application. Then from these interactions can affect what videos will be recommending to users.

Last year TikTok also explained how the feed from the For Your Page (FYP) feature determines which video recommendations will be presents to specific users.

These recommendations depend on user interactions within the TikTok application, such as liking videos, sharing comments, creating captions and hashtags on videos, device settings, language preferences, location settings, and device settings used to access TikTok.

BytePlus offers other enterprise customers the opportunity to access recommendation algorithms and personalize them in their applications. BytePlus also provides features such as speech and text translation, real-time video effects, and AI-based data analysis tools.