Electric Vehicles Are Free from Odd-Even Rule During the G20 Summit

300 electric cars prepared for Indonesia's G20 summit

The Bali Provincial Government imposed an odd-even rule during the peak event of the G20 Indonesia to anticipate traffic congestion. This rule applies from 11-17 November 2022. Interestingly, electric vehicles are exempt from this rule.

This enforcement will be carried out from 06.00 WITA to 22.00 WITA. Based on information from Instagram @poldabali, this implementation was carried out at 11 points a.l. Pesanggaran Intersection – Sanur Intersection, Kuta Intersection – Pesanggaran Intersection, Ngurah Rai Monument – Nusa Dua, Pesanggaran Intersection – Benoa Gate, Airport Interchange – Ngurah Rai Monument.

This odd-even rule is excluded official vehicles of state leaders, ministers and heads of institutions, police/TNI service vehicles, state guest service vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, and vehicles with disabilities.

This exception is also given to battery-based electric motor vehicles (KBLBB).

As is known, electric cars will be used as official vehicles during the G20 Summit in Bali. According to PT Toyota-Astra Motor, the Lexus UX300e will be the official vehicle for delegation members from various countries. Meanwhile, several units of these cars have arrived in Indonesia. Apart from Toyota, Hyundai and Wuling also provide electric cars.

“There are 836 electric cars for VVIP and delegates supported by Hyundai, Toyota, and Wuling,” said Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat Setya Utama in a press conference, quoted Tuesday (8/11/2022).

Meanwhile, this procurement is a collaboration in the form of an endorsement between the government and electric vehicle manufacturers.

Previously, The government was ready to welcome the peak of the G20 Summit by providing supporting facilities for electric vehicles such as the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) in Bali. A total of 88 SPKLUs are available in Bali for now.

Deputy Minister of SOEs, Pahala Nugraha Masury, and his entourage visited the location directly in front of the old Tiara Dewata on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

According to him, the provision of SPKLU is a form of support for the implementation of the G20 Summit and the electric vehicle ecosystem.

“The energy transition aims to reduce carbon emissions to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2060,” said Pahala.

Darmawan Prasodjo as the President Director of PLN who accompanied the Deputy Minister said that his party had set a target for the development of the SPKLU. With the support of SOEs and other parties, the construction itself has been running smoothly.

“There are already 88 SPKLU to support the G20 which was built by PLN itself and also franchising.

Of the 88 units, there are 66 Ultra Fast Charging units and 22 fast charging units,” explained Darmawan. 86 of the SPKLU units have been installed while the other two are used with the mobile method.