Google: Indonesia’s Digital Economy Will Reach US$140 Billion by 2025


Google, one of the largest information technology companies in the world, said that the potential of Indonesia’s digital economy in 2025 will grow to reach US$140 billion.

In response to this, the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G. Plate said that the projection could be achieved if Indonesia was able to take advantage of the digital space and avoid information technology misuse.

“Digital economic development is one of the main strategies for Indonesia’s economic transformation and is aimed at accelerating economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said in a press release, Tuesday (24/5/2022).

In addition, the Minister of Communication and Information said that the development of the digital economy is also driven by a shift in people’s behavior that tends to use digital platforms in various sectors.

According to him, Google has high enough attention because the digital development of the Indonesian economy during Covid-19 grew positively.

“In 2021 the digital economy will be in double digits and 2022 the first quarter will grow by seven percent,” he said.

Johnny further said that the government through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics also continues to follow up on cooperation with Google regarding the digital ecosystem to make it more beneficial for the community.

The collaborations that have been carried out include human resource development programs, the use of digital systems, and the prevention of hoax news.

“By expanding the infrastructure network and strengthening human resources, the digital economy opportunities will be more beneficial,” added Johnny.

The positive trend of the development of the digital economy is in line with the development of the investment. The results of a study by Google, Temasek, Bain & Company in 2021 showed that the investment value of Indonesia’s digital economy during the first quarter of 2021 was US$4.7 billion and has exceeded the highest value in the last four years.

This achievement makes Indonesia the most popular investment destination in Southeast Asia, surpassing Singapore.