Jokowi Affirms Electric Battery Plant Commences Production in Indonesia Next Month

electric vehicle battery factory in North Maluku
electric vehicle battery factory in North Maluku

Indonesia is gearing up its efforts to establish a robust electric vehicle ecosystem, with President Joko Widodo shedding light on the latest developments in the country’s electric vehicle industry. In a recent statement, Jokowi announced that an electric battery plant will commence operations next month in Indonesia, expected to kickstart the growth of this ecosystem.

The President’s remarks followed his visit to the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show 2024 exhibition at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran on Friday (3/5/2024).

“Next month, the battery manufacturing plant will begin production, aiming to expedite the establishment of this ecosystem,” Jokowi affirmed to reporters.

Highlighting Indonesia’s readiness to embrace an electric vehicle ecosystem, Jokowi noted the significant presence of electric vehicle manufacturers in the country. He mentioned that Indonesia currently hosts 59 electric motor manufacturers, with plans for expansion in the pipeline.

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“We have 5 electric car manufacturers, soon to be 6, along with one electric bus manufacturer and one electric truck manufacturer. This marks a substantial stride in the development of the EV ecosystem, which requires diligent nurturing to eliminate any hurdles,” Jokowi explained.

Furthermore, the President underscored the government’s ongoing efforts to foster the domestic electric vehicle ecosystem for sustained growth. He emphasized the importance of this initiative for Indonesia to compete effectively in the global electric vehicle market.

“This initiative is already underway. Once the electric battery industry, electric car factories, electric motorcycle factories, and electric bus factories are operational, the ecosystem will take shape. This underscores our readiness to compete globally,” Jokowi asserted.

With the impending start of electric battery plant in Indonesia and the presence of numerous electric vehicle manufacturers, Indonesia is poised to establish a robust electric vehicle ecosystem, contributing to its global competitiveness in the industry.