Wow! Four Cities Enter PPKM Level 4, What Are the Rules?

the Imposition of Restrictions on Community Activities or PPKM

Previously, the government had decided to extend the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for the period of 22-28 February 2022. After observations, four cities are included in the PPKM level 4 zone. These cities are Cirebon, Magelang, Tegal, and Madiun.

Then what are the prohibitions and rules during the implementation of PPKM level 4?

The Director-General of Regional Administration of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Safrizal ZA, in his statement, Monday (21/2/) explained, “There are 4 (four) cities in the Java-Bali region that have been designated as Level 4, namely Cirebon City, Magelang City, Tegal City, and Madiun.”

The following are PPKM level 4 rules:

  1. Activities in the non-essential sector can operate at 25% WFO (Work From Office) for employees who have been vaccinated. It is known that in 2021, regions with PPKM level 4 will apply for 100% work from home on activities in non-essential sectors.
  2. Export-oriented industries can operate 75% of staff for each shift in production facilities/factories, and 25% of office administration services by implementing strict health protocols;
  3. Non-quarantine hotels can operate by screening using the PeduliLindung application with a capacity of 50%, and 25% for the use of ballrooms/fitness facilities/meeting rooms;
  4. Restaurants/restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, hypermarkets, traditional markets, grocery stores, supermarkets selling daily necessities, to activities in shopping centers can operate until 21.00 with a maximum visitor capacity of 50%. Especially for supermarkets, hypermarkets, and shopping centers, it is necessary to carry out screening using the PeduliLindung application, and only visitors with the green category may be allowed to enter;
  5. Meanwhile, restaurants/restaurants and cafes with operating hours from 18.00 to 00.00 can operate with a maximum capacity of 25%;
  6. People’s markets that sell non-daily necessities are still allowed to operate but only until 20.00 hours;
  7. Children’s playgrounds and entertainment venues can operate with a maximum capacity of 35%, except for cinemas with a maximum of 25% of capacity;
  8. Fitness center/gym can operate at a maximum of 25% of capacity;
  9. Public facilities and places for arts, culture, sports, and social activities can operate a maximum of 25%, while for the operation of places of worship can carry out activities a maximum of 50%;
  10. Wedding receptions can be held with a maximum of 25% of the room capacity and do not hold meals on the spot by implementing stricter health protocols; and
  11. Children under the age of 12 years can carry out activities in public places accompanied by their parents, and especially children aged 6 to 12 years must show proof of the first dose of vaccination

Furthermore, Safrizal explained that the government continues to make 3T (tracing, tracking, treatment) efforts in responding to the increase of the PPKM level.

He also appealed to the local government to continue to accelerate the vaccination program as well as booster vaccines. It is hoped that when vaccination reaches 90%, herd immunity will be created. This causes the public to be immune to the Covid-19 virus and its variants.

However, before herd immunity, the government continues to urge the public to comply with health protocols, wear masks, keep a distance in public places, and always wash their hands.

Previously, as of February 19, a total of 2,484 COVID-19 patients had died. 73 percent of the total figure are those who have not received a complete vaccination.

Seeing this data, it can be concluded that vaccination is very important in fighting this virus.