President Bestows Honors on 127 People


In the commemoration of the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) bestowed honors on a total of 127 recipients. This event was held during the Award of Honor ceremony.

The award ceremony was held at the State Palace, the Presidential Palace complex, Jakarta, Friday (12/08/2022).

This year, honorary marks consisting of Bintang Mahaputera, Bintang Jasa, and Bintang Budaya Parama Dharma were awarded to the recipients based on Presidential Decrees of the Republic of Indonesia Numbers 64, 65, and 66/TK/TH 2022. The Presidential Decrees were stipulated in Jakarta on August 11, 2022.

“As an appreciation for his services following the provisions of special conditions to obtain the honorary marks of the Mahaputera Pratama Star, the Service Star, and the Parama Dharma Cultural Star as regulated in the Act,” reads the excerpt of the Presidential Decree.

The receipt of the honors was represented by seven recipients or heirs of the recipients who were present in person at the State Palace. The seven recipients are:

  1. The Late Ajip Rosidi, a writer, was awarded the honorary Star Mahaputera Pratama;
  2. TNI Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ida Bagus Purwalaksana, Inspector General of the Ministry of Defense 2019-2022, was awarded the Honorary Star Service Main;
  3. The Late Prof. Dr. Mundardjito, the archaeologist, was awarded the Parama Dharma Cultural Star;
  4. The Late dr. Carolina Rezeki Sihombing, a specialist at the Depok City Hospital;
  5. The Late Sunjaya, Head of Puskesmas at UPTD Puskesmas Sukatani, Bekasi District Health Office, West Java, representing the other 98 recipients who were each awarded the Pratama Jasa Bintang;
  6. The Late Gugum Gumbira, Sundanese traditional artist; and
  7. The Late Dewi Wikantini, a supervising midwife at the UPT Puskesmas Baktijaya Kota, Depok, West Java, represented the other 22 recipients, each of whom was awarded the Bintang Jasa Nararya honorary mark.

For information, in REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF DEFENSE OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA NUMBER 10 the YEAR 2012 it is stated, “Sign of Honor” is a state award given by the President to soldiers, civil servants of the Ministry of Defense, Indonesian citizens, foreigners, government institutions, or organizations for their extraordinary service and loyalty to the nation and state. country.