Red Zone Increases, These are The Covid-19 Facts in Bali

Bali Covid-19 Case

Covid-19 cases in Bali are getting worse. This is evidenced by the increasing number of red zones there. 

In total, there are 7 regencies/cities that are now in the red zone, while 2 other regencies/cities are still in the orange zone or at moderate risk of spreading Covid-19.

Karangasem is the district that has leveled up to the red zone. Based on the data, in just a week, Karangasem showed an increase in the number of new cases, deaths, and active cases, with an average daily case of 70.42 in 7 days. Meanwhile, the death toll increased by 29 people in a week, and active cases there increased by 212 people.

The other six red zones in Bali include Jembrana, Tabanan, Buleleng, Klungkung, Denpasar and Badung. Meanwhile, Gianyar and Bangli remain in the orange zone. 

It can be admitted, even though the number of red zone areas in Bali is increasing, the awareness to implement health protocols is still high. This is evidenced by public compliance in wearing masks and avoiding crowds. 

This is also evidenced by the inclusion of all regencies/cities in Bali in the green zone regarding compliance with health protocols with numbers above 90 percent. Tabanan enters an area with an almost perfect level of mask used with a figure of 99.95 percent.