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These Commodities Support the January 2023 Trade Balance Surplus

Indonesia's trade balance in January again recorded a surplus. This figure indicates that the sector managed to achieve a surplus for 33 consecutive months....

Superb! Indonesia’s Trade Balance Records 33 Months Consecutive Surplus

Great news came from the trade sector. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that the January 2023 trade balance recorded a surplus of US$...

Indonesia’s Trade Balance Records Surplus for 32 Consecutive Months

Post-Covid-19 economic recovery is going well. Based on data from Bank Indonesia (BI), Indonesia's trade balance has managed to record a surplus trend since...

Automotive Trade Balance Was Under Pressure against Surplus This February

During this February period, the automotive trade balance, which is incorporated in HS 87 concerning motor vehicles and so on, recorded a downward pressure...

Indonesia’s Trade Balance Estimated to Be a Big Surplus, Reaching US$3.29...

Indonesia's trade balance surplus will reach US$3.29 billion in February 2022, a significant increase from US$0.93 billion in January 2022. This is due to...



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