‘Treasures’ in the Middle of Jakarta

Jakarta park

Living in the midst of a hectic city like Jakarta and doing activities among the tall urban buildings can certainly be boring at times. For those of you who are living in Jakarta, you don’t need to go out of town to feel the natural atmosphere that you may rarely encounter in your daily life. Where you can find them? Here’s the list for you.

Mangrove Nature Park, Angke Kapuk

If you have the opportunity to visit Pantai Indah Kapuk, don’t just hunt for its culinary tours. Along this area, there are many entertainments that are ready to help you unwind. You will find a row of mangrove plants that can refresh your eyes.

Not only enjoying the green rows of mangrove plants, but you can also go around the mangrove forest using a rowboat. Of course, this is an unforgettable experience, right? You can also take pictures around small houses that are aesthetic and instagrammable. No need to worry, this Mangrove Nature Park is open every day from 7 AM to 6 PM. 

Setu Babakan, Culture Treasure in Jakarta

In South Jakarta, precisely in Jagakarsa, you will be greeted with a Betawi traditional atmosphere that’s still thick. This area is officially a center for preserving Jakarta’s original culture. Here there’s also a lake called Setu Babakan. Here you can enjoy the lake while riding a swan boat.

Cattleya Park

Finding a beautiful and pollution-free atmosphere is one of your desires when you are in Jakarta. Cattleya Park is in the Orchid Garden area in the Kemanggisan area, West Jakarta.

Feel the fresh air that you won’t find in the city. You can do various physical activities here, such as jogging, cycling, hanging out with friends, and taking pictures. You can visit Cattleya Park every day, from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Those are some recommendations for places with an atmosphere that sounds impossible to find in Jakarta. Now you don’t have to go far out of town just to calm your mind in the midst of the hectic activities.